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First Post on a Blog Ever

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first post on a blog Yeah, I used to post in some forums but nothing “serious,” you know kids stuff, I didn’t really care about spelling or making any sense whatsoever. That time is gone and I’m really looking forward to make helpful, and useful posts. It will be a little hard since I don’t have the time I want for some “extra work.” I never really liked reading books, which can, in some how, explain the lack of “writing skills” I have.

Anyhow, I’ll be part of a weekly blog @dieandgo created where we basically gather the blogs we liked throughout the week and post them, we’ll also be working on some personal material (tutorials, articles, etc). This is my first post, check it out.


About edMaga

edMaga is a marketing guy. He's a creative who designs branding, communication and recruitment stuff. He can't live without music, tweaking the features in major league software, taking photos, gadgets, sand, the sea and Japanese animation. edMaga looks around to learn what he doesn't and improve what he knows, tweeting and posting all the useful things he finds. You can connect with him in fb as edMaga or twitter as @edMaga.

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  1. Congrats man 🙂


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